Welcome to the Skyway Sign projects page. See the process behind some of the many projects I have done.

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Giant Inflatable Lobster  Client: CEC

This was one of the first giant inflatables I ever painted

3D Kilt Pin Design  Client: SWK

A look into the process of creating a 3D diecast pin.

Minneapolis Parkway Motel Totem Pole Art Prints

This was a personal project of mine, recreating a famous Minneapolis landmark that is long gone.  Archival-quality prints available!

Rainforest Cafe water ride feature, Galveston, TX

I was subcontracted by Themescapes Inc. to paint a large sculptured wall (about 10' tall) with "invisible" UV paint- all colors look tan under normal light, and they light up under UV light. I had to paint in the dark with a UV light to see what I was doing.

Collectible Steel Printed Slide Rule Sign

I design metal advertising signs for collectors of obscure products. Here, I have made a sign for a vintage slide rule, using a picture of a slide rule from my personal collection (one of the largest collections in MN), and design elements from the original packaging to create a new design. The design is then printed on a steel sign blank using a flatbed UV inkjet printer.

Quick 3-color airbrush T-shirt design

I did a lot of these back in the 90s working as a T-shirt airbrusher at Six Flags in Illinois- nothing fancy, you could do these really fast if you had an efficient work process and a separate airbrush for each color.

This design only uses one stencil for the main shape and 3 transparent colors (hot pink, blue, and purple) plus black and white. You can get better detail using multiple stencils for clouds, etc., but we don't have time for that, so we do pretty much everything freehand. Colors are transparent so you can paint right over the black.

It's not going to win any fine art awards, but doing these all summer paid my way thru flight school.